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Ladakh Tour & Travel Faq’s

What time is considered as the best for visiting Ladakh?

June through October is considered the best seasons to plan a trip to Ladakh. The temperatures during this time of the day vary about 20-30 degree Celsius with warm and sunny weather.

Is it preferable to carry oxygen cylinder when travelling to Ladakh?

Ladakh is situated at the height of 10,000 meters above the sea level, where oxygen level is extremely low. You might fall prey to altitude sickness. It is therefore recommended that you make arrangements for the oxygen.

What type of accommodation exists in Ladakh?

Ladakh is a popular tourist destination and you are going to find some appealing, well-furnished hotels around. The hotels have been classified in four types – A, B, C and D. The hotels falling in category of A Class are 3 Star. In general, every hotel in Ladakh has unique design sense, where exorbitant traditional architecture of Ladakhi and Tibetan style has been used. Each hotel has over-sized rooms, packed with ultra-modern amenities.

Could you suggest me some of the MUST VISIT tourist destination spots in Ladakh? I am interested to know about them

There are several important tourist destinations that you can think of visiting when in Ladakh. These include: Pangong Lake, Drass War Memorial (Kargil), Hall of Fame (Leh), TsoMoriri Lake, Nubra Valley, Khardungla Pass, Thiksey Monastery (Leh), Stakna Monastery (Leh), GurdwaraPathar Sahib (Leh), AlchiChoskor Monastery (Leh), Zanskar Valley, Lamayuru Monastery (YuruGompa) (Kargil), Changla Pass, Shanti Stupa, Spituk Monastery (Leh), Prayer Wheel (Leh), Likir Monastery (Leh), ChemreGompa Monastery (Leh), Suru Valley , Zanskar the Virgin Valley, Matho Monastery, Sand Dunes Leisure Park SumoorNubra, NamgyalTsemo Monastery etc.

Do I need any official permit to visit Ladakh?

You need to have a valid Inner Line Permits, if you are interested in undertaking a tour, especially to the restricted areas such asNubra Valley, Pangong Lake and Tsmoriri Lake. These permits are issued by Deputy Commissioner Office in Leh. These permits hold the validity for 1 week.

Is it worth to go out for the road journey to Ladakh?

Ladakh offers superb biking adventure for tourists. You are going to love the Himalayan drive, and it would be an amazing, memorable journey that is worth for everything.

What is the minimum time period you need to explore Ladakh?

The first two – three days are for acclimatization. You need minimum 15 days to explore the area, which comprises villages and monasteries scattered far away. It would be a great experience if you try hands in mountain trek, however, this would need more time.

How many days would it take for acclimatization in Ladakh?

Tourists traveling to the height of 3500meters need acclimatization. The level of this acclimatization is going to vary from person to person. Usually, an average person would like to go for a complete rest for the first day, even if he or she is fine and healthy. Keep in your mind that you do not consume alcohol. Try increasing the intake of water, juice and tea.

What clothes do you suggest me to wear?

During the day time, it would be perfectly alright to wearT-shirts and shorts, but during the evening time, temperature falls rapidly and it becomes really cold. You need jacket and pullover. In case you become interested to trek above 4000 meters above sea level, you require warm woolen clothes. Rain and snowfall happens in the months of June and July, and this is when one requires wind cheaters and raincoats. If you want to trek, make sure to carry pair of waterproof shoes.

What type of tourist vehicles one would often come across?

Leh has huge fleet of well-maintained tourist vehicles such as Toyota Qualis, Innova and Mahindra Scorpio vehicles. There are no auto rickshaws here.

What kind of precautions or medication is needed during trek or sight-seeing trips in Ladakh?

If you are keen on trekking in Ladakh, it would be better to get ready for some protective clothes (and these include rain coats, pullover, and jackets), superior walking shoes, durable boots, besides an effective sleeping bag and bed rolls. It would still be of immense benefit, if you maintain the first aid kit during the traveling. In addition, go for Vitamin C and Aspirin tablets and other basic medication just to be in safe. The area in and around the Ladakh is prone to severe sun burns. It is recommended that you carry along with you superb quality Sunscreen, Sun tan lotion, lip balm, moisturizer, Sun Glasses and Wide brimmed sun hat.

What are popular peaks in Ladakh that can be visited?

The popular mountaineering peaks in Ladakh includeSasserKangri 7627mts in Karakuram range; Nun 7135mts; Kun 7085mts;Zanskar range; Kang-yatse 6400mts; andStokKangri 6150mts in ladakh range.

What are the approximate temperature variations in Leh-Ladakh? What kind of clothing you suggest to wear while in Leh, Ladakh?

Temperature – It is significant to note here that during the peak season July and August, the temperature varies between 15 degrees Celsius and surges up to as high as 35 degrees Celsius. However, during the cloudy conditions, the temperature can fairly dropanywhere between 8 degrees Celsius and 15 degrees Celsius respectively.
Clothing– During the July/August (which are the staunch summers), light cotton long sleeved tops, sun hat, plenty of sunscreen will make a perfect fit. When the days are cloudy, it is very essential to wear a warm fleece like jacket to keep your body warm.

What type of mobile phone network work in Ladakh region?

The government BSNL connection is considered to be the best network working in Leh and Nubra, whereas, Airtel, Aircel, and Vodafone have strong networks in Leh and surrounding regions.

Is Leh, Ladakh provided with good facilities?

The fully operation SonamNorbu Government Hospital is there to handle emergencies. There is also an army hospital to look into the trauma cases, provided if they are referred by the government hospital. In addition, there are at least three flights each day to Delhi from Leh resolving the emergency medical evacuations.

Can you provide me the list of best eatery places in Leh?

There are several fabulous eatery places in Leh where you are going to relish the local food such as Thukpa, a thick broth with vegetables or meat. Momos, or steamed dumplings stuffed with vegetables or meat are also the favorite. Give a try to The Ladakhi bread, khambir. You are going to love it, especially if you have it with local apricot jam.

Leh has several foreign tourists each year. You will find restaurants offering international cuisines like the Continental, Italian, Chinese, and the Israeli. The best eatery places that you should try in Leh are Tenzin Dickey Tibetan and Tibetan Kitchen for local delicacies, Rhinchen Cafeteria at Khardungla Top, World Garden Café at Changspa Road, Chopsticks restaurant near Lamayuru for Chinese and Pan-Asian and Lamayuru and Gesmorestaurant are amazing for sour soup and yogurt with honey, besides exotic pizzas. The Pumpernickel German Bakery is an amazing storehouse for homemade cakes, tarts and whole-hearted breakfast menu.

What type of accommodation are available in Leh?

Leh is the hub for guest houses and superior class hotels. Most of the hotels you come across are the standard “A” Class hotels having attached bathrooms, and costing around Rs.2500/- to Rs.3500/- for a double room. Breakfast facility is included in it. Guest houses can also be booked from Rs.800/- to Rs. 1800/- for a room, along with breakfast. Deluxe hotels offer a more expansive accommodation at prices falling in range ofRs. 4000/- to Rs.6500/- for a room along with breakfast.

Is it easy to use credit card in Ladakh? How about Money exchange facility?

Credit cards can be used in a very few selective tourist shops and hotels with 2% service tax. There are several government authorized money exchange facilities available at banks. You need to check out for yourself.

Will i find any ATM’s in Leh?

Yes, there are four ATMs, fully operational in Leh, and owned by Axis Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, Punjab National Bank and State Bank of India respectively.

Is there any Internet facility available in Leh?

You will find good internet connectivity in the Leh region only and not anywhere else.

What is the reason behind the popularity of Magnetic Hill in Ladakh?

“Magnet Hill”or the “Gravity Hill” is strategically located near Leh in Ladakh, India; on the Leh-Kargil-Srinagar national highway, with an approximate distance of 30 km from Leh, at an impressive altitude of 11,000 feet above sea level. The south of “Magnet Hill”has the river Indus, which originates in Tibet and flows to Pakistan? The “Magnet Hill”has become a prevalent stop for domestic tourists, who are on the road journey in their vehicles. The placement of the road with background presents the illusionary effect that vehicles are drifting upwards.

What is the Hemis Festival and why is it popular?

Hemis Festival is a popular two day festival, organized annually in the month of June/July at the most flushest monastery in the region, Hemis. The festival isnotablefor veneration of the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, who is thought to have protected local people from the fury of demons.

What is the precise time of Ladakh festival?

Each year, the Ladakh festival is held in the month of September 1-15 in Ladakh and its neighboring areas. This is 15 days festival, distinguished as performance of folk song, dancing, besides sport activities like native, polo, archery etc.

Does Ladakh have lakes?

Ladakh, also known as the Cold Desert of Kashmir has 3 lovely lakes – PangongTso Lake, Tsomoriri Lake and Tsokar Lake. These lakes are immensely beautiful and inspire the imagination of humans into the fairy world. The popular fresh water lake- PangongTsotransforms its colors each hour and turns from emerald green to hues of sky and velvet blue. Good time to visit these lakes would be summers (May to July). During the time of winters, these lakes are frozen and become rock solid, only to be used as the roads.

I have heard that Ladakh is famous for passes. Can you give me quick information on these passes?

You are very right. Ladakh got its name from combination of two words: “La” means Passes and “Dhak” means Many.Therefore, Ladakh is come to be known as the land of the Passes. Few if the passes that you can explore on your trip to Ladakh are:

Khardung La

Khardungla pass is known to be the highest motorable pass of the Leh Ladakh region.. This pass is located at an elevation of 17,582 feet, to the north of Leh district, and directly leads to the Shyok and Nubra valley. The pass was constructed in the year 1976 and serves as direct connection to the Siachin Glacier. Strategically, the is quite crucial pass, as it is the right means for transportation of goods in and from the Siachin area.

Chang La

Chang La is an undisputed land of beauty and tourist would love to be here to explore the natural beauty and immense richness. In the womb of Chang La pass lays the popular and pristine Pangong Lake, which has always remained the tourist delight. The pass provides strategic connection between Leh Town and Pangong. This pass is popular as column of the sky passes, and located at an elevation of 5, 425 meters. An army canteen operates here, and it offers the best place for refreshment to the visitors. Chang La also offers amazing Yak rides, which is adventurous.

Zoji La

Zojila pass has strategic location, situated on National Highway 1, and is the pathway toSonmarg in Kashmir. This pass is positioned on the elevation of 11,575 feet. The moment you drive away from this pass, tourists are very likely to view tremendous change in the surrounding scenic conditions. The moment you leave the green hills of the Kashmir, there is cascade of vast dry mountains in Drass area. Zojila pass is open to tourists only during the times of the summers, as during the winter this pass is closed as the result of heavy snow fall.

Baralacha La

Baralachala pass located within theZanskar range, offers an exciting and adventurous pathway to Lahul district of Himachal Pradesh as well as the Ladakh, connecting directly to Jammu and Kashmir. Baralachala pass has the location at 16,040 feet. The pass offers amazing and scintillating view of the Himalayas and immensely great enjoyment for your entire life.

Fotu La

Fotula pass located in the womb ofZanskar range, and it connects Srinagar-Leh highway. The pass has an elevation of 13,478 feet. Close to theFotula pass, the Lamayuru monastery is located, which serves as idyllic refuge to tourists, amid cold and frigid conditions.

Lachulung La

Lachulung La pass has strategic location, as it connects the Leh Manali highway, and is located close toSarchu and PangongLake. This pass is in elevation of 16,600 feet, making it difficult for the trekkers and hikers to experience short breathlessness during the climbs and/or descents.

Namika La

Namikala pass situates within the Zanskar range, is the crucial pass as it connects Srinagar-Leh highway. This pass is popular as “The Pillar of The Sky Passes,” and is located on height of 12,139 feet. Namikala pass is also the route to Mulbek valley, which is popular among the tourists as well as the locals forMaitreya Buddha’s rock craving and a Gompa.

Tanglangla pass

Taglangla pass is positionedwithin the popularZanskar range along the Leh-Manali highway, at an elevation of roughly 17,582 feet. This pass is the resting point for the herdsmen who travel in and around in search of fodderfor the livestock. Besides, Tanglang La pass is also considered as world’s second highest motorable road.

What is the best places to buy souvenirs or art and craft of Ladakh?

You shop in the local market, bargaining is of common occurrence. The price of the product that you buy would ultimately depend on your bargaining skills. However, in government-run crafts emporia and huge stores there are no bargains. Major shipping areas in Leh are Tibetan Market, located off Old Leh Road for clothes and Moti Market near the Leh bus stand. Ladakh offers some fascinating shopping menus like:
• Ladakh Art Palace on the Main Bazaar Road, Leh
• Tibetan Handicraft Emporium on the Main Bazaar Road, ?Leh
• Tibetan Handicraft Community Showroom in Choglamsar
• Cottage Industries Exposition & Women’s Alliance in Changspa

Can you give me any idea on the total number of monasteries within Ladakh region?

The principal tourist attraction in Leh and Ladakh are the monasteries. Majority of tourists coming to Leh and Ladakh want to experience either hill adventure, or get mesmerized in the scenic landscapes or visit monasteries. There various monasteries referring to the Mahayana and Hinayana sects of Buddhism. These monasteries are dotted amidst the attractivebackdrops of mountain, meandering valleys and meadows. The popular monasteries to visit in Ladakh include:
• Shanti Stupa
• Spituk Monastery
• Hemis Monastery
• Thiksey Monastery
• Lamayuru Monastery
• Shey Monastery
• Stok Palace
• Phyang Monastery
• SankarGompa
• Alchi Monastery
• NamgyalTsemoGompa
• LikirGompa
• Leh Palace
• Stongde Monastery
• Diskit&HundurGompa
• MathoGompa
• Soma Gompa
• Takthok Monastery
• Sumda Chun Monastery