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Transport Faq’s

Is there any train plying between Jammu and Srinagar?

In the present scenario, there are no trains that move between the Jammu and Srinagar. However, Indian Railways is working on the plans and soon the service would become available, until then it is all the way road journey.

What is the exact route of reaching Srinagar from Jammu Tawi railway station?

There two major options existing. The first option is that you can hire a sharing car from Jammu Station, and the cost would be approx.,Rs 700 to 800 per person. The second major option would be to hire private taxi or car, and the rental per person would be approx.., Rs 3500 to 5500.

How much is the road distance between Jammu Tawi and Srinagar?

The calculated journey by road between Jammu Tawi and Srinagar is 300 kms, and you would love exploring the amazing locales during this journey.

How would you describe the road journey from Jammu to Srinagar?

The road journey from Jammu to Srinagar is no less than filled with scenic views and amazing pleasures of life. The roads are well kempt and maintained in comparison to Chandigarh-Shimla and all the more quite wider. The time taken to complete the journey under normal set of conditions is around 8 Hrs. There is short halt at Peerah for Lunch. (Popular Lunch served is Rajma and Rice.)

What are the famous sightseeing destinations available to tourists from Jammu to Srinagar?

There are 3 to 4 sightseeing destinations available, but Patnitop is more attractive and well known among the local as well as foreign tourists. It is just pleasurable moment to be around.

Are there any extra expenses involved when Traveling from Jammu to Srinagar ?

There are no extra expenses involved, but you need to pay toll tax near Lower Munda, which is going to cost only Rs 70 /- for small cars.

What are the timings of plying of local buses?

Local buses ply regularly earlyin the morning from 5 AM to 6 AM.Only Volvo buses are running during late night.

What is Jawahar Tunnel?

Jawahar Tunnel is two tunnels with the length of first tunnel approximately 2.85 km &length of second tunnel is 2.50 Kms. The Tunnel is in operation from 22 December 1956. It is situated between Banihal and Qazigund area.

Is it safe to travel in the night in Srinagar?

There is high risk of landslides during the night. However, during the day time, traveling is far easy. The visibility is also very high during the day time and therefore traveling becomes easy.

Does the local train ply in Kashmir? what is the precise route?

There is a local train operational in Kashmir, which advances from Banihal (located at the distance of 188kms from Jammu) and arrives at Baramulla Train Station (lying 166kms from Banihal).There is also the station in Srinagar as well.

How much time does the train takes to cover the distance between Banihaland Srinagar?

The approximate time taken by the train to travel from Banihal to Srinagar is1hr and 52mins. It is quite a comfortable journey all the way.

How is the Kashmir valley connected through airways?

The Airport of Kashmir valley is strategically located in Srinagar (SXR), and about 12 Kms from the center of the city. The airport of Jammu (IXJ) is approximately 8 Kms from city center. Indian Airlines and Jet Airways are operating scheduled flights on daily basis from Jammu to Delhi to Jammu. Many private airline operators in Deccan Airlines and Spice Jet are operating on the same route on far lowest costs. You need to check with the respective airlines for scheduled times.

What are the trains and their timing?

Nearest railway station for Kashmir is Jammu Tawi.There are many trains which operates for various parts of India to Jammu.
The main trains operating from Jammu to Delhi are:
12475 Hapa Jat Expres
H Nizamuddin (04:10)Jammu Tawi (14:45)
12477 Jam Jat Express
H Nizamuddin (04:10)Jammu Tawi (14:45)
12473 Sarvodaya Exp
H Nizamuddin (04:10)Jammu Tawi (14:45)
12471 Swaraj Express
H Nizamuddin (04:10)Jammu Tawi (14:45)
12919 Malwa Express
H Nizamuddin (04:37)Jammu Tawi (16:05)
12549 Durg Jat Sf Exp
Delhi Safdarjng (09:30)Jammu Tawi (21:10)
09021 Jammu Tawi Spl
Tuglakabad (13:30)Jammu Tawi (00:50)
14645 Shalimar Exp
Delhi (15:50)Jammu Tawi (05:15)
04033 Ndls Uhp Ac Spl
New Delhi (17:30)Jammu Tawi (03:20)
04035 Dee Uhp Spl
Delhi S Rohilla (17:30)Jammu Tawi (03:20)
14033 Jammu Mail
Delhi (20:10)Jammu Tawi (09:15)
11077 Jhelum Express
H Nizamuddin (20:18)Jammu Tawi (10:00)
12425 Jammu Rajdhani
New Delhi (20:40)Jammu Tawi (05:40)
12445 Uttar S Kranti
New Delhi (20:50)Jammu Tawi (06:35)
16317 Himsagar Exp
H Nizamuddin (21:10)Jammu Tawi (13:10)
16787 Ten Jammu Exp
H Nizamuddin (21:10)Jammu Tawi (13:10)
16687 Navyug Exp
H Nizamuddin (21:10)Jammu Tawi (13:10)
06317 Ten Jammu Exp
H Nizamuddin (21:10)Jammu Tawi (13:45)
06687 Ten Jammu Exp
H Nizamuddin (21:10)Jammu Tawi (13:45)
12413 Aii Jat Express
Delhi Cantt (21:15)Jammu Tawi (08:10)
11449 Jammutawi Exp
Tuglakabad (21:55)Jammu Tawi (13:10)
16031 Andaman Express
Tuglakabad (21:55)Jammu Tawi (13:10)
18109 Rou Muri Jat Ex
Delhi (22:00)Jammu Tawi (14:10)
18101 Tata Jat Exp
Delhi (22:00)Jammu Tawi (14:10)
18601 Hte Jat Exp
Delhi (22:00)Jammu Tawi (13:40)
12265 Dee Jat Duronto
Delhi S Rohilla (22:15)Jammu Tawi (07:15)
04053 Anvt Jat Spl
ANAND VIHAR TRM (23:15) Jammu Tawi (11:50)
04051 Anvt Jat Spl
ANAND VIHAR TRM (23:45) Jammu Tawi (11:50)