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Winter Holidays

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly….fa.la.la.la….Winters are finally here…. Where Are You?’

Welcome to Kashmir – the world of verdant valleys, earth’s carpet filled with multi-hued flowers and snow, crystal blue sky, snow covered peaks, the serene atmosphere, and adrenaline pumping adventure sports. No wonder, Winter holidays are a highly awaited affair for travellers across the globe.
With snow covered mountains to ski and the pristine views that fill up the senses, Kashmir is a home to some fantastic locations in the northern region of India, where the mighty Himalayas dominate the landscapes. Whether you intend to go on a family vacation, a Honeymoon trip, or for an adventure tour, Kashmir in north India welcomes you with its open arms. Some of the top tourist hot spots for a winter holidays are Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Srinagar in Jammu and Kashmir. It is not only the joy of admiring the picturesque hilly landscapes, but also the thrill to ride a sledge on the thick blanket of snow or play with snowballs. That’s not all, if you are lucky, you can witness the first snowfall that resembles soft cotton.

To enjoy a marvellous time in any of these locations, you must be well-versed with these tips:
Period of Winters: November to March
Weather/Temperature: The average temperature hovers around 5 deg C with mercury dipping below the freezing point in several regions
Winter Activities: Snow Sports- Skiing, Heli Skiing, Snow Scooter, Snow Cycle, Sledging
Where To Stay in Winters: Hotels that offer central heating and warm beddings
Best Cuisine in Winters: Kehawa, Shorba, Hot pakodas, tea, soups, and anything that warms your body in the chilly weather
What to carry for Winter tours: Ample woollen clothes (warm jackets, sweaters, socks, mittens, caps, boots). Portable First-aid kit containing ache and pain medicine, antiseptic liquid and cream, cotton and dressing pads. Dry snacks and toiletries.
What to do and not to do in Winters: Ample woollen clothes (warm jackets, sweaters, socks, mittens, caps, boots). It is always good to dress in layers to prevent the heat from escaping the body. Trust your guide and heed to what he/she has to say;especially when opting for an adventure tour.
Expected period of Snowfall: December end to February
Must Visit Destinations in Winters: Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Patnitop, Srinagar

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