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Sightseeing in Kishtwar

Enthralled in the magnificence of wooded forests, Nagseen is a beautiful tourist site located towards the east of Kishtwar town. Nagseen is full with natural beauty, serenity and tranquility allowing the tourist to discover its maximum glory. This site is named after a Buddhist preacher Nagseen.

Located in Marwah Tehsil, it serves as the base camps for mountaineering expeditions to high mountain peaks like Sickle North, Brahma, Vaishno, Hudh Mata and Mahesh. Dachhan is also a popular trout fishing spot and anglers make a beeling for it. Mathralla has some mountain springs adding beauty to the overall look and also has a rock cut statue of a cow. A national park is also there in the region.

Paddar is a focused region known for maximum beauty in Kishtwar District. This natural beauty is aided by the rich wild life resources and flora.

It is also the most famous region for sapphire and ruby mines and also known for producing blue diamond at massive quantity. Tatta Pani, the famous hot spring is also located in this place and visited by thousands of tourists. Many vouch for the curative properties of this spring beneficial for curing arthritis.

The presence of Machail Chandi Mata makes this a holy place for Hindu devotees.

Located at a distance of 24 km from Kishtwar town, Sarthal is also one of the most popular places frequented by tourists. The one renowned point is the Ashtabhuja Temple. Also some noteworthy places exist like Junwas, Bandwaan, Sumzaa, Agral, Ghaan etc. Then there is the Zagroo culture festival held annually where the famous Chakri dance is performed and watched in amazement.

The Chinar trees are found in abundance, here in Kishtwar. It cleanses the air naturally and the dried leaves are used in the personal heater “Kangri” which is hung by the neck. Though found all over Kashmir, the tree is of a slightly different variety.

Other than these you can also visit the Chowghan

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