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Jammu was founded by Raja Jambu Lochan, after whom Jammu (Jambupura) was named. Many historians and scholars believe that this city was founded in the 14th Century BC, after Jambu Lochan had seen a tiger and goat drinking water together on the bank of River Tawi. Recounting the incident, he had decided to set up his kingdom on the land where all living creatures live peacefully with each other. Earlier it was named as Jambupura which changed into present form later.

Historical Mubark mandi in Jammu In subsequent years, the region witness invasions of Mughal and Sikh before it fall under the control of British Empire. In 1773, King Druv Deva of Dogra dynasty invades the region and started to rule over it. From founder ruler Druv Deva to Hari Singh, Jammu was the home to several Dogra rulers until the partition of India. Consequently, Jammu was once named as the seat of Dogra for their significant supremacy over the region. It is under the reign of Maharaja Gulab Singh that Jammu became winter capital of the erstwhile princely state of Jammu & Kashmir in 1872.

Historical Jammu After the partition of India, Jammu became a part of Independent India following the Kashmir War. As a result of the war, clashes and turmoil continued for couple of decades over the entire state. However, Jammu was comparatively safe from terrorism activities except some major attacks such as 2002 incident, when two suicide bombers attack the Raghunath Mandir.

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