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Trekking in Zanskar is globally famous for its wide ranges of trekking opportunities in the undulating terrains, mountain passes, frozen river and ancient monasteries and monuments. Both short treks and long tedious mountain trekking options are available in the region. Whatever be the choice, trekking in Zanskar always enthrall the trekkers with impressive ambiance of the snow clad valley.

The most popular and enchanting trekking route in Zanskar is Chadar Trek (sheet of ice). This hiking is performed on foot over the frozen Zanskar River during winter season. Undertaking the trek is not an easy task and requires immense physical strength to walk over a frozen bed during chilly winter days. It takes about a 15 day long trek from Padam to Leh and from Padam to Lamayuru. This tiresome trek can be an enchanting experience as it unveils stunning sights of some of the isolated valleys of the region. Other popular treks of this region are the 11-day Lamayuru-Padum crossing, the 4-day Stok-Khangri round trek and the 10-day Markha Valley trek.

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