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Being cut off from main circuit and also since it is not on direct bus route, staying options in Sanasar are limited. Only Jammu & Kashmir Tourist Development Corporation’s tourist bungalows and self-contained huts are available. All these are equipped with basic and modern amenities and service-oriented staff. But frequent power cuts, poor mobile network coverage, lack of telephone and internet facilities are some bottlenecks Sanasar has to live with.

Lack of landline telephone and mobile network means difficulty reaching this hotel and subsequently no reliable bookings either. One cannot plan their trip and stay at Sanasar and obviously the tourists plan only an excursion trip. Night stay, happens rarely, if ever! Again, less revenues at the tourist bungalows means management least interested in taking any initiatives.

Patnitop, 17 kilometers from Sanasar benefits from this confusion. Sanasar’s shortcoming boosts Patnitop’s revenues manifold. Sensing a great business opportunity Patnitop’s hoteliers have invested heavily and provide excellent services. Normally a tourist would pay up to Rs 1000 at Sanasar for a double room per night, needs to cough up around thrice that amount, at 3000!

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