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Sanasar is a perfect destination for eco-adventure activities. Paragliding in Sansar is a popular adventure activity among the tourists. Here, tourists mostly find tandem hand glider joy ride being operated by Extreme Himalayan Adventure. They have a team of experienced and professional gliders who guides the tourists on gliding and landing technique well before takeoff. One can either take glide in a Parachute with a pilot or can go solo. Short flights in Sanasar attain the altitude of 150-200 feet for the duration of one or two minute. These short flights operated in Sanasar (Take off)-Kud (Landing) are considered to be the safest and enjoyable paragliding experience in India. The Nathatop is the high flying site that offers flights of 8 to 10 minute durations depending on the wind condition, which attains height upto 1500-2000 feet. For camping, Extreme Himalayan Adventure, a trekking arranger company offers camping facilities for 100 participants. They also provide amenities for adventure sports to the participants. Apart from paragliding and camping, golfing, trekking, abseiling, hot air.

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