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Perhaps the best way to feel and understand the Ladakhi culture is to visit Ladakh during festive season. Festivals in Ladakh forms an integral part of Ladakhi lifestyle. During the time of festivals, the entire region comes alive, when people flock from different parts to meet at one place to celebrate the festivals with full of joy and enthusiasm. The festivals of Ladakh are marked by dancing, mask dancing, singing of folksongs, feasting, etc. All these festivals are vibrant, colorful and culturally rich as like the people of the region. There are a number of festivals that take place in Ladakh region.

Hemis Festival:One of the most important festivals of the region, Hemis festival is a two day festival held annually in the month of June/July at wealthiest monastery of the region, Hemis. It is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Guru Padmasambhava, who is believed to have saved local people from the rage of demons.

Ladakh Festival:The Ladakh festival is held in September 1-15 in every year in Ladakh and its adjoining areas. This 15 days festival is celebrated with performing folk song, dance along with sport activities like native, polo, archery etc.

Dosmoche Festival: The Domoche festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm in mid of February or initial week of March in every year. Dosmoche is one of two New Year festivals celebrated in the region, the other being Losar. The festival is held at Leh Palace, Likir and Deskit monastery in Ladakh.

Losar Festival: Losar festival is a New Year celebration that marks the beginning of Ladakhi or Tibetan New year. Celebrated across the Ladakh region for 2 weeks from later week of December to 1st week of January.

Sindhu Darshan Festival: As the name suggest, Sindhu Darshan festival is a celebration of Sindhu River (Indus River). It is held every year in the month of June for the three days on the bank of the river.

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