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The Kishtwar National Park is one of the most attractive features of Kishtwar trip. This high altitude national park of Kishtwar is bound to the north by Rinnay River, south by Kiber Nala, east by the Great Himalayas and west by Marwa River. It is home to over 15 mammal species including Snow Leopard, Himalayan black and brown bear, Kashmir Stag, Tibetan Ass, Antelope, Wild Yak and Wild Boar, etc. Wildlife safaris are organized locally and is a highly popular activity.

Among the other animals that have made this valley as their home here include the Himalayan snowcock and the brown bear.

Commonly referred as ‘Bird Watcher’s Paradise’, Kishtwar National Park boasts of good number of bird species that includes the Paradise flycatcher, Himalayan jungle crow, Griffon vulture, Bearded vulture, Indian mynah, Golden oriole, etc. The best time for bird watching is from March to May and mammal viewing is from September to March.
Bird lovers often settle before the stipulated season and stay till the end.

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