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Kargil is the second popular town of Ladakh region after Leh. It is situated on the bank of Suru River. Lush green field of barley and wheat, gardens of vegetables and rows of poplars and willows are general sights of Kargil town. Today’s quiet town Kargil was once a busy trading hub for the barter traders of China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Yarkand and India. The small town of Kargil is widely known for apricots and mulberries, the streets of the town are surrounded by apricot groves. In the month of June, the town wears a rare sight of white apricot blossoms while in August the ripening fruits of apricot lend orange hued landscape to the valley.

Although, Kargil has many more tourists’ attractions to offer, it is usually considered as the stopover for the tourists traveling to Leh from Srinagar and vice versa. Apart from sightseeing to natural spots and Buddhist sites, adventure activities in Kargil are equally popular among the tourists. All sort of adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, camping and river rafting are practiced in the valley.

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